muth mirror systems is
the world leader in mirror-based led safety technology

Muth is the leading supplier of LED based mirror displays for Blind Spot, Lane Change Assist and future Active Safety Systems. Our products are installed on over 40 vehicle brands around the world.


Value Proposition

Muth offers the smallest, best performing and highest quality LED mirror displays providing tremendous safety system value to vehicle manufacturers and drivers.


Engineering Excellence

Muth’s patented design approach utilizing reflected light enables a wide range of display graphics with industry leading luminance and uniformity to deliver optimal viewing performance for safety critical systems.


Global Production

Muth has production facilities in North America, Europe and China that deliver product to over 25 countries and have the capacity to support ongoing industry growth.


Superior Quality

Muth has invested heavily in high caliber laser ablation, precision robotic assembly and proprietary machine vision systems to ensure superior efficiency, repeatability and traceability. We focus on designing and producing quality rather than managing quality.