Active Safety

Automotive safety has historically been defined by “Passive Safety Systems” that protect passengers as the crash event is occurring and the milliseconds thereafter.  Over the last decade, “Active Safety Systems” have been developed to augment Passive Safety, emphasizing technology to prevent or avoid accidents.  Such systems utilize highly advanced sensor technologies including radar, camera and lidar systems to monitor the vehicles surroundings, alert the driver of dangers and engage in evasive action so hazards can be avoided.

While originally found only in luxury vehicles, consumer demand for safer cars has risen to the point that these systems have become an expectation for everyone, rather than just a luxury for the few.  Governmental regulatory agencies are following suit, increasingly making active safety technology a required part of the definition of a safe vehicle. 

Active Safety is nothing new to Muth Mirror Systems. Our team of engineers has been involved in Active Safety for over 20 years, inventing and then perfecting the standards for Signal Mirror® Technology and BSD/LCA  Mirror Displays.  The primary connection between the driver and a BSD/LCA system is the LED display.  We obsess over every detail to ensure that this connection is the most efficient and effective possible.  

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