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Patent Information

Our products are covered by the following patents: 6,076,948, 6,257,746, 7,104,676, 7,327,321, 6,749,325, 7,241,037, 7,192,172, 7,273,307, 7,416,318, 6,045,243, 8,708,536, D394,833, D409,540, D428,373, D426,506, D430,088, D426,507, D428,372, D429,202, D428,842, D425,466, D427,128, 8382349 B2, D675754 S1

Registered Trademarks

Signal® and Signal Mirror® are registered trademarks of Muth Mirror Systems, LLC.


Each automotive/truck Signal® mirror is backed by a three year limited warranty. All motorcyle Signal® mirrors are backed by a one year limited warranty. Before being shipped, each mirror is fully tested.

Muth Mirror Systems UK Modern Slavery Act Statement 2018

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Professional installation is recommended.
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