Integrity. Quality. Safety.

The world leader in mirror-based LED safety technology.


Execution is an omnipresent obsession with our team. Execution is what separates our organization from other automotive suppliers. Our quick time to market and ability to rapidly innovate new products, and solve customers’ problems is a core practice.

We take a longer term views in meeting customers’ demands and are not as sensitive with monetary near-term impacts. We do what’s right for the customer near-term with the thought that our team will win by the long-term relationship we have created.

Execution and quality are one and the same to us. Quality systems at Muth Mirror Systems are compliant with both ISO 9001 and TS 16949. Statistical based methodology drives the continuous improvement process and Muth’s machine/process capability. These systems are pushed upstream into our supply base to ensure high level of incoming material quality. All products produced by Muth Mirror Systems are 100% electronically verified. An advanced data base system allows for full traceability of all product and test results.