Integrity. Quality. Safety.

The world leader in mirror-based LED safety technology.

Highest Quality,
Lowest Cost Innovator

Muth’s corporate objective is to be the highest quality, lowest cost innovator of Blind Spot and Signal Safety displays globally. This stems from our LED technology leadership since 1992 when Muth invented the Signal® Mirror. Then, in 2006, Muth was the Automotive PACE Awards winner for our next generation Blind Spot display technology. Muth leads this industry with dedicated LED automotive-grade engineering expertise and rapid customer service response.

Engineering is our Foundation.

Muth's Engineering staff has been on the cutting edge of LED Technology since 1992 when they launched an automotive mirror revolution with the first Signal® Mirror. Nearly every member of the Design Engineering staff has a Bachelor's degree and they capably wield the tools of their trade, including: Cad software, Optical modeling software, Electrical simulation software, Vision systems, Microscopy, Photonic measurement systems, Vacuum forming, Rapid prototyping, Robotics, Physical and Electrical testing equipment, and Data analysis software.

They are skilled communicators who can present their world class designs effectively with telling graphs and images. Their vast experience has led to over 30 patents and a stable of designs that are the thinnest, lightest, brightest, and lowest cost products on the market today. The Engineering culture reaches beyond the design group as well. Manufacturing, Sales, and Executive Management all have capable leaders who got their start in Engineering. To put it simply, Engineering forms the Foundation of Muth company.

Blind Spot Icon Portfolio

Muth's engineering team has developed the largest blind spot portfolio of any company in the world. With this foundation, Muth is able to attain the industry's broadest range of light outputs, allowing specific icons meeting customer design requirements for original equipment preference and performance. The output range is achieved by leveraging innovative reflector designs. Here are some sample icons and reflectors: