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Engineering is our Foundation

K.W. Muth Company was founded in 1947 by Kenneth W. (Ken) Muth in his grandmothers garage by devising a paper making machine that prolonged the life of batteries. From there, the company evolved into a wood-based manufacturer. Ken’s son, Michael D. (Mike) Muth became President in 1972 and focused the company as a leading supplier in the automotive segment for cars and trucks. In the 1970’s the company produced acoustical packing, door and headliner trims and rubber floor mats for GM, Ford and Chrysler.

In 1992, K.W. Muth Company formed a division named Muth Mirror Systems and started developing its patented Signal® Mirror technology. Since then Muth's Engineering staff has been on the cutting edge of LED Technology. Today, Muth has shipped over 9 million Signal® Mirror units to the OEM and Aftermarket customers.

Since 2007 the company has been private and family-owned with Kenneth W. (Ken) Muth , Mike's son, acting as Chairman / CEO. Our company remains highly focused and dedicated to innovating affordable safety solutions based on its LED-based Signal and Blind Spot Detection systems for OEM and Aftermarket customers.

Blind Spot
Detection Displays (BSDD)

An injury or death occurs about every 10 minutes due to merging accidents. BSDDs take an active step toward reducing that number.

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Twenty years ago, Muth Mirror Systems invented Signal Mirror® Technology. Since then we've been perfecting it.

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