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Electrical Engineering Technician

Nov 1 2019

Position Summary/Objective:   

The Electrical Engineering Technician is responsible for assisting engineering in developing and improving Muth products. The technician will assist with electrical part layout, sample builds, troubleshooting, testing, modification, and repair. The technician will conduct electrical and optical measurements, evaluate customer returns and production failures, process engineering changes requests, and support engineering as required to ensure products exceed customer expectations and maintain Muth’s competitive advantage. 


Primary Duties/Responsibilities:

1. Employ creativity and ingenuity in applying engineering principles and practices.

2. Generate electrical design documentation including drawings, wiring diagrams, schematics, specifications, and instructions.

3. Evaluate customer returns and production failures and generate analysis reports.

4. Process printed circuit board assemblies to support sample builds.

5. Assist with design validation testing by conducting sample builds, performing light and electrical measurements, coordinating sample shipments, and generating customer reports.

6. Maintain inventory of engineering components and supplies.

7. Execute established design and development systems, processes, and procedures.


Education, and/or Experience:

1. Basic knowledge of electronic theory and components.

2. Basic knowledge of circuit board design, fabrication, simulation, troubleshooting and failure analysis.

3. Ability to use PCB fabrication tools such as a soldering iron, pick-and-place, and reflow oven.

4. Ability to use engineering equipment including DMM (multimeter), oscilloscope, power supplies, data acquisition systems, and thermal couples.

5. Experience with circuit simulation software (SPICE) (experience with circuit design software a plus).

6. Proficient in AutoCAD (experience with 3D CAD software a plus).

7. Proficient in Microsoft Office including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook.

8. Effective verbal and written communication skills

9. Ability to multi-task, adapt quickly to changing tasks and priorities, and stay organized.

10. Experience in automotive manufacturing and product design is a plus. 

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